Balloons have always been a fascination to young and old. Transforming balloons into a variety of toys, animals, flowers etc. you can always be sure of a smile.


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Cullen's Conjuring will include a wide range of Balloon models that can be customised to your parties theme. Each child will be presented with a balloon model that can either be made during your party or before the party begins to be handed out at the end.
Prizes and Sweets are included with your children's party (please ask for more details)
With all Cullen's Conjuring Parties and events all content can be fully tailored to your needs and any order variation is possible.

Facts about Balloons

  • Balloons were invented in 1824.
  • Latex Balloons decompose as fast as an oak leaf in your garden!
  • Latex Balloons come from rubber trees.
  • Latex is collected by cutting the tree's bark, then catching the latex in a cup. Latex harvesting doesn't hurt the tree!
  • Latex Balloo
  • ns are earth friendly! Rubber trees grow in rain forests. Latex harvesting discourages deforestation because latex-producing trees are left intact. A tree can produce latex for up to 40 years!
  • Malaysia produces the most latex of any country in the world.
  • Helium filled balloons float because helium is lighter than nitrogen and oxygen, the two components of air.
  • Helium is an inert gas, meaning it is non-toxic, non-flammable, odourless and colourless, but should not be inhaled on purpose as it does not contain enough oxygen to support life.