Do you believe in magic?

Close Up Magic

Be part of a magical experience close up and personal right infront

of your eyes


My close up can include

Fire Tricks, Coin Tricks, Card, Tricks Knife Tricks, Balloon Tricks 


Professonal and  fun humour at the same time and will always be appropriate for the occation at hand.

close up magic can be themed (as can my kids shows)


Cullen's Conjuring specialises in Magic that is both inexplicable and amazing,

magic that appears clear and undeniable and happens on a personal level with no camera tricks or fancy props.

A common response to Cullen's Close up magic is "how does he do that"? but the real question is "why do we want to know"? Cullen's will allow you to momentarily suspend your disbelief, allowing you to enjoy the experience for what it is,

the astonishment that can be experienced will be far more profound.


Darren Cullen has magical experience all over the south of England and has an untameable passion to perform. He loves the buzz of people celebrating good times and thrives off of building an atmosphere of mystery everywhere he goes.